A dynamic Group with solid foundations, holding a leading position in the Greek energy sector as well as in the greater area of Southeast Europe.

The Group’s range of activities includes:

  • Supply, Refining and Trading of petroleum products, both in Greece and abroad.
  • Fuels Marketing, both in Greece and abroad.
  • Petrochemicals/Chemicals Production and Trading.
  • Oil & Gas Exploration and Production.
  • Power Generation & Trading.
  • Renewable Energy Sources.
  • Provision of Consulting and Engineering services to hydrocarbon related projects.
  • Participation in the transportation of crude oil and products (pipelines, sea transportation).


Group's Brief Financial Data 2016
Amounts in € m
Turnover 6,680
Adjusted EBITDA 731
Adjusted Net Income 265
Capital Employed 3,903
Net Debt 1,759


Following the positive results in 2016, in 2017, the Group's Management will implement the 2017-2021 Medium Term Development Program with the strategic objective of creating an independent, innovative and competitive regional Energy Group, which is a pioneer in energy transformation, within the framework of the European Roadmap for sustainable economic and social development.