All applicants are kindly asked to send electronically, the following documentation:

  • Application Form, must be completed by the applicant, without leaving any blanks.
  • Statement of Purpose, up to 300 words elaborating on their career objectives and their reasons for applying to the program.
  • Official Academic Transcript, (all course units or modules taken, credits gained, and grades awarded) issued and validated by the Student Registry of the Educational Institution attainted.  (applies only  to undergraduates on their final year).
  • Official Certificate of English Language (Cambridge – Michigan).  Candidates holding a degree acquired from an English speaking Educational Institution, are not required to provide an official Certificate of English Language.
  • Two (2) reference letters from the Educational Institution in which the applicant is currently studying or has already graduated.
  • Validated copy of Identification.
  • Validated copy of Certificate of Military Completion (only for male applicants).
  • Recent photograph.

Submission of all of the required documentation together with the Y.G.E.P. APPLICATION FORM is mandatory.