Our main priority is to constantly improve the skills and expertise of our people.

We provide all employees with opportunities to enrich and broaden their knowledge in their field, to stay in touch with the rapid developments in the energy sector and to contribute even more substantially to the Group’s competitiveness.

Training for us though is not limited to acquiring knowledge. It also offers our people the chance to develop new ways of thinking and expression, to cultivate skills in communication, cooperation and problem management.

We design and implement specialized educational-training programmes based on these specifications and on the Group’s strategic planning.

We implement policies for ongoing education, for employee participation in seminars and conferences in Greece and abroad, we support our employees who pursue postgraduate studies, Open University studies, and at the same time we make sure they have full access to information sources, e.g. purchase of books, subscriptions to scientific journals and to professional associations, etc.

At the beginning of 2013, we launched HELPE ACADEMY. So far, we have successfully completed more than 53.000 training hours, with the participation of more than 1.300 employees.

During 2015, around 76% of the Group’s workforce participated in educational programs, amounting to more than 58.000 hours of training (this translates into 17 continuous educational hours per employee). More than 12.000 hours of training on Health & Safety, were implemented.

We continue to invest in our people, by implementing educational programs that derive from the Group’s Training Strategy, while at the same time designing new, innovative programs, that address the training needs of the people of the HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group.