Our strategy for Human Resources is indissolubly bound with the mission and the business objectives of the HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group.

In order to help achieve these objectives, we seek:

  • To be an employer of choice, with people who are the Group’s main competitive advantage.
  • To constantly develop our employees. To stand by them and practically support their professional development.
  • To have our people satisfied with their jobs and feel proud of working at HELLENIC PETROLEUM.

Our actions are strategically developed around the following axes:

  • Encouragement of excellence in all sectors, by ensuring conditions of meritocracy, recognition and growth.
  • Recruitment, utilization and development of human resources, in accordance with our principles and values.
  • Creating a modern competitive environment that will induce a feeling of security and provide incentives for distinction.
  • Aligning the efforts of all employees towards achieving the Group’s vision, strategy and business objectives.
  • Cultivating a unified group culture, based on shared principles and values.
  • Maximizing employees’ efficiency, with policies that promote responsibility, initiative and extraversion.
  • Strengthening the sense of dedication and willingness to participate in corporate actions.
  • Recognition of the individual and collective contribution of all employees in Group results.
  • Substantial contribution of the Human Resources Directorate in boosting Group competitiveness.