•  €6.68m. allocated on CSR actions (Greece and abroad)
  •  533 employees reside in areas near our facilities near Thriasio and Western Thessaloniki
  •  15.5% of purchases conducted by industrial companies and 96% of purchases conducted by marketing companies are made from "local suppliers"
  •  139 schools and 23,000 children received free heating oil in Thriasio and Western Thessaloniki
  •  1,750 families enrolled in Social Grocery store programs are supported on a monthly basis

Our cooperation with both the broader society and the neighbouring to our industrial facilities communities is ongoing, multi-faceted and substantial.

The initiatives undertaken by the Group are linked to the needs of each region and are formed through open dialogue with our stakeholders, researching and identifying material topics, public opinion surveys, public debates and consultations.

Our Group, since its establishment, has supported initiatives and actions that promote the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility. Since 2005, HELLENIC PETROLEUM has been an active member of the Hellenic Network for CSR and also a member of CSR Europe.

Since 2008, the Group is formally committed to integrate the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact (UNGC) into its corporate strategy and culture and to promote them within the sphere of its influence. This public commitment communicates the desire of the management, employees and the entire Group in the pursuit of sustainable development The Group has adopted and applies the United Nation's 17 Goals for Sustainable Development, thus creating value for the next generations.