HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group implements actions that inform and raise awareness on environmental and sustainable development issues, encourage the adoption of green habits and improve the environmental footprint.


Photovoltaic Systems on the roofs of schools and institutions: 

The Group invests in alternative forms of energy, both in small and large production units, in order to mitigate the impact of climate change, as part of its energy transformation. Five years ago, the Group launched a major project to install photovoltaic systems on the roofs of schools in the local communities of Thriasio and Thessaloniki, as well as in remote island areas, with the aim of promoting Renewable Energy Sources and creating sustainable facilities and cities. In 2020, the installation of 2 PV systems was completed, at the Children Support Center of Elefsis “Kentro Agapis Elefsinas” and at the Hospice for Neuro-disability in Kypseli. To date, a total of 12 PV systems have been installed on the roofs of schools and institutions, with a total installed capacity of ~200kW and an average annual production of 284,000 kWh, through which the emission of 266.3 tons of CO2 is avoided. Also, the production of electricity through it improves the quality of electricity in the network of the area and, consequently, the living standards of residents.


“EARTH 2030” educational suitcase: 

The educational suitcase is an interactive game created by specialised teachers with appropriate educational material, aiming to inform and raise awareness of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. To date, Suitcase has "traveled" to the European School and the Kestekideio Greek School in Brussels as well as to Primary and Secondary Schools on 7 islands and 7 mainland destinations in Greece. Based on the curriculum of each grade and the maturity of each age, the schools can divide the Objectives into different grades, since the educational material "EARTH 2030" actions are proposed for all educational levels. 

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"Energy for life… travels" to remote areas for the 7th consecutive year:

The environmental education program "Energy for life… travels" is being implemented for the 7th consecutive year, in collaboration with "AGONI GRAMMI GORIMI", aiming to raise awareness among both young and old people who live in remote geographical areas, on issues related to the protection of the environment, the proper management of natural resources, energy saving and the protection of flora and fauna. With the collaboration of NGOs, museums, universities, cultural and environmental groups, institutes and institutional bodies, it has traveled to a total of 61 destinations involving the implementation of 432 workshops for 12,302 students. In 2019, 2,322 students from 13 remote areas benefited from the program, while in addition to the educational programs, heating oil was donated to 5 school units, medical equipment was donated to the Health Centers of Ithaca, Sami Kefallonia, Paramythia and Filippiada, and PV panels were installed on the roof of Donousa High School.


Infrastructure projects in neighboring Municipalities:

Asphalt paving in the Municipality of Megara, donation of litter bins to the Municipality of Mandra-Eidyllia, tree planting program in schools of the Municipality of Aspropyrgos.


Donation of fuel for fire protection and environmental measurements:

Fuel donation in municipalities for firefighting vehicles and in institutions for commuting


Support of law enforcement agencies:

Upgrading existing infrastructure, vehicle maintenance and fuel donation (Fire Brigade, Greek Police, Port Authorities, Customs).


Participation in the “Green Mission” Vehicle Battery Recycling Program:

Selected EKO & BP gas stations throughout Greece participate since 2018 in Sunlight Recycling’s “The Green Mission” program  as "Green spots", i.e. collection points of used batteries from cars and trucks. Through a proper process of collection, transport and recycling (which reaches 95%, approaching the principles of the circular economy), the toxic materials contained in these batteries are not disposed, the risk to the environment is avoided, and the batteries end up being utilized in the production process as useful raw material.


Air pollution meters:

Maintenance of air pollution meters that have been installed in neighboring municipalities.