HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group, being the largest Greek energy Group and prominent in energy transition, develops its strategy with the fundamental principle of safe and sustainable operation of its activities with respect for the environment, society and man.

Amid the global crisis, due to the coronavirus, the Group ensured maximum security conditions for the protection of human resources, customers, supply chains, and the smooth continuation of the Group's activities.

In the context of corporate social responsibility, the Group reinforced the positive impact of its actions to fight the pandemic on a national and local level.

The total social contribution of the HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group to confronting the pandemic is the largest one given by any single business group, amounting to 8 million euros.

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Covid -19: Response & Initiatives

Covid Shield Certification

HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group has completed all the procedures to receive the Covid Shield certification ("Excellent Level"), for its industrial and commercial facilities as well as the offices hosting the administrative structures in the 6 countries where it operates.

The Private Certification Scheme "Covid-Shield" was developed by TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas and is a complete Certification Scheme to increase citizens' trust in the certified companies applying it. In this context, with a high sense of responsibility, social awareness and business ethics, the HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group from the very first day of the health crisis, was mobilized immediately to create a safe working environment.



For our people

HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group proceeded with specific and targeted actions with primary goal the Health and Safety of the employees, through a common and uniform framework for the treatment of the coronavirus by all the companies of the Group:

  • Confirmed Covid-19 contingency plans were set up at refinery, commercial, and facilities.
  • A structured Remote Working Program is implemented in specific management units. At the same time, the Group operates with minimum allowed number of employees per organizational unit.
  • The facilities continue to be supplied with the necessary personal protective equipment (FFP2 type high respiratory protection masks, disposable nitrile overalls, and gloves).
  • The number of Occupational Physicians has increased in the facilities where there is a large population concentration and also, a specialized infectious disease specialist cooperates with the Coordinating Committee of the Group.
  • A phone line of psychological support was created for the employees, which is implemented with the cooperation of special advisors.
  • There is constant information of the staff through the special issues ‘NEA-19’ regarding the actions implemented by the Group to deal with the pandemic.

For our clients

The safety of the customers who visit the EKO and BP service stations, as well as of the staff who work there, is an important priority for the Group.

In this context, and in order to ensure the smooth operation of the service stations, the Group has developed a Policy on Coronavirus, containing special hygiene and safety measures to prevent the spread of the disease, as well as guidelines for the management of suspected or confirmed cases.

The EKO and BP gas stations are aligned with the rules issued by the Ministry of Health and comply with all protection measures and hygiene conditions in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The extremely difficult period of the pandemic affected a large percentage of citizens with a significant social and economic impact.  In this light and with an aim to further support the wider society, EKO implemented the initiative "We Stay Home" by offering a 5% discount and 12 interest-free installments on the purchase of heating oil (March, April and December 2020)


For the support of the National Health System

HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group, since the outbreak of the pandemic, has implemented a holistic program to deal with the crisis. The selection and management of actions are undertaken by a designated or dedicated executive team of the Group in collaboration with the competent government agencies, to maximize and accelerate the positive results in the management of this unprecedented crisis. The aim is to strengthen the health system in the areas of prevention, diagnosis and treatment, as well as the subsequent course and management of those who will suffer from the disease.

The Group's contribution to the National Health System so far includes:

  • 10 SARS Covid diagnostic machines and corresponding compatible reagents for diagnostic tests in ATTIKON General University Hospital, AHEPA General University Hospital of Thessaloniki, THRIASIO General Hospital of Elefsina, 251 General Aviation Hospital, General Hospital of Rhodes, General Hospital of Syros
  • more than 100,000 molecules for molecular tests
  • 50 Respirators at the Ministry of Health to support the ICU
  • Biosafety Chamber for the equipment of ATTIKON General University Hospital Spirometry Equipment at ATTIKON General University Hospital
  • Ultrasound scanner at the "AGIA VARVARA" General Hospital of West Attica
  • 2 disinfection air machines at KONSTATINOPOULEIO General Hospital
  • 50 high flow oxygen systems, state of the art treatment devices

For the society

The HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group stands by the society, supporting initiatives that aim at the short-term as well as the long-term management of the effects of the pandemic. At the same time, it is committed to being present throughout the subsequent critical period, monitoring developments, and contributing in all areas for the smooth transition of our country to normalcy.

In this context, the following actions have taken place:

  • More than 1.5 million litres of fuel were provided for the transportation of medical equipment and consumables, in collaboration with Aegean Airlines, as well as for the implementation of daily disinfections in the local communities, where conduct business and in some of the largest municipalities of the country (Athens, Kifissia, and Thessaloniki).
  • Donation of Personal Protection Equipment and medicines to hospitals, Security Bodies, Municipalities and Organizations ("PAPANIKOLAOU" Hospital, EKAB, Municipalities of West Attica and West Thessaloniki, Municipality of Megisti-Kastelorizo, Hellenic Police Officer, Hellenic Police Officer Greece, Attica Region).
  • Donation of 2,000 test kits to the Medical School of the University of Athens for the performance of tests in certain facilities of the Region of Attica.
  • Donation of 3,000 rapid tests for Covid diagnosis in the Municipality of Kozani.
  • Coverage of the cost of disinfection in schools in the Region of Attica.
  • Donations to NGOs and Institutions to enhance their services, due to the increased needs caused by the Covid-19 pandemic (SYMPLEFSI, GALILEA, GIVMED, ELEPAP).
  • Setting up of a digital education program for primary school children’ pastime and donation of electronic equipment to facilitate the implementation of distance education and to contribute to the strengthening of digital skills in the long run