The Health, Safety & Well-being of its employees are the Group's most important priorities and of basic corporate value for all its activities, because they are connected to its business success.

With the implementation of its Safety Management System, which was launched in 2015, we focus on improving safety culture in order to enhance health and safety performance in all our activities. At the core of the Safety Management System is “Risk Estimation”, which is supported and reinforced through procedures, inspections and safety training.

Safety Concerns us All in HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group. Its employees are trained to identify, report and research incidents and unsafe conditions, while at the same time personnel’s successful interventions related to safety issues are rewarded

Our ambition is to be among the best in the industry, to create a working environment with zero accidents and occupational illnesses.

More details on our approach regarding occupational Health, Safety and Well-being can be found here 


Health and Safety Policy

The HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group’s increased interest in its employees’ occupational health and safety at its installations and offices is supported in its policy, which states that the health and safety conditions is an essential prerequisite for carrying out its activities and constitutes a basic commitment for Management. 


Occupational Risk Management 

In the field of occupational risk management, the preventive principle is applied so that potential health and safety risks can be anticipated and controlled.
Each Group installation has its own written occupational risk assessment study, which includes the measures to be taken to either eliminate or control hazards and maintain them at low and acceptable levels
Further information regarding Occupational Health and Safety management and assurance can be found here


Health and Safety Performance Indicators 

In order to improve the Health and Safety performance of each Group activity (industrial installations, fuel storage facilities, offices) annual measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are set. The performance, against targets set, is reviewed against KPIs on both a monthly and annual basis and a relevant report is presented to Management.

Furthermore, HELLENIC PETROLEUM participates in the annual survey and benchmarking evaluation for accidents/incidents, which is conducted by the European Organization CONCAWE with which it cooperates.

Detailed data regarding employee and contractor lost workday incidents, employed either in HELPE’s refineries and chemical plants or in EKO’s marketing company as well as relevant CONCAWE indices can be found here