HELLENiQ ENERGY Holdings S.A. shares are traded on both the Athens (ATHEX: ELPE) and London (LSE: HLPD) Stock Exchanges;  in London they are traded as Global Depositary Receipts (GDRs).

Τhe Company’s share capital amounts to €666,284,703.30 divided into 305,635,185 shares with a nominal value of €2.18 each. The Company’s shareholder rights arising out of their shares, are proportionate to the percentage of capital corresponding to the paid-in share value. All of the shares have the same rights and obligations arising from the Law and the Articles of Association.
The liability of Company shareholders is limited to the value of shares that they hold.
On the Athens Stock Exchange, the Company’s shares are traded in the General Category (Main Market).

HELLENiQ ENERGY Holdings S.A. shares participate, with a significant weighting, in the ASE General Index and the FTSE/ ASE Large Cap, as well as a significant number of other indices such as the FTSE/ ASE Oil - Gas Index, the FTSE/ Med 100, the Greece - Turkey price 30 Index and the Global X FTSE Greece 20 ETF Index.

Share Symbol
Reuters HEPr.AT
Bloomberg ELPE GA