Dematerialisation of HELLENIC PETROLEUM S.A. shares
HELLENIC PETROLEUM S.A. informs investors that pursuant to Article 53 of Law 3371/2005 on ‘matters relating to the capital market and other provisions’, and Decision No. 1/380/4.5.2006 of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission on ‘sale of registered shares not submitted for dematerialisation’, the registered shares of HELLENIC PETROLEUM S.A. must be dematerialised by 14 July 2006.
HELLENIC PETROLEUM S.A. invites those shareholders who have not submitted their shares for dematerialisation to visit the Company’s Shareholder Services and request the dematerialisation of their shares. The following supporting documents should be submitted:
  • A depository certificate for the registered shares.
  • A computer printout of the Investor’s DSS account details.
  • A photocopy of his ID Card or passport.
  • In case of a third party on the investor’s behalf, the submission of an authorization letter is required, containing the full particulars of the beneficiary and the proxy. The authenticity of the signature thereon must be verified by a state authority.
Note that HELLENIC PETROLEUM S.A. may agree to dematerialise shares without the submission of a depository certificate provided that the shareholders are entered in its share registers.
Shareholders who do not have a DSS investors account should contact any account operator, in other words a securities firm or custodian bank in order to acquire a DSS account.
Pursuant to Article 53 of Law 3371/2005 cited above, registered shares which have not been dematerialised by 14 July 2006 will be sold off on the Athens Exchange by HELLENIC PETROLEUM S.A. using the sale procedure specified in the aforementioned decision of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission’s Board of Directors.
The Hellenic Capital Market Commission will issue a decision granting HELLENIC PETROLEUM S.A. permission to sell off non-materialised shares, appoint a member of the Athens Exchange to conduct the sale, and specify the shares to be sold and date on which the sale procedure will commence. Sale will be conducted as specified in the Athens Exchange Regulations.
After the end of each sale period, the Athens Exchange Member which conducted the sale will deposit the net proceeds of such sale (having deducted all manner of expenses and taxes) with the Deposits and Loans Fund in the name of all beneficiaries on a pro rata basis.
After all shares have been sold, HELLENIC PETROLEUM S.A. will inform beneficiary shareholders by letter and in the press about the outcome of the sale and the amount deposited in an account in their name with the Deposits and Loans Fund and the procedure to be followed by them in order to collect the said amount.
For more information shareholders may contact the HELLENIC PETROLEUM S.A. Shareholder Services (199 Kifissias Ave., Marousi, GR-15124, Tel. 210-8767861 to 8767864, fax. 210-8767993).