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ΗELLENIC PETROLEUM represented the European Refining Sector at the launching event of the “Just Transition Platform”

ΗELLENIC PETROLEUM was the company which was invited to represent the European Refining Sector and the rest of the Energy Intensive Industries, at the European Commission’s flagship event on the launch of the “Just Transition Platform”, the new European tool that aims to assist regions, companies and local communities in designing their energy transition without leaving anyone behind.

Ms. Liana Gouta, Director of Energy Policy and International Affairs of the Group, after referring, during her speech, on the important economic and social footprint of the refineries of Greece, noted:

"The Refineries of the EU will remain a strong asset for Europe, providing the low carbon products that our economy and societies will need in the coming decades. We proved our resilience during Covid-19, we kept working and secured the fuels for the transport of medical equipment and personnel, food and other essential goods. In order to remain resilient in the future though, we need to be kept competitive and we need to transform. The challenge we have to face is dual; on one hand, handle the costs that the adaptation of our processes to a climate neutral economy entails, and on the other, the lowering demand for our products due to the energy transition.

This is why we would welcome support by the Just Transition Mechanism. Policymakers should be ready to support a socially “just transition” dedicated to the EU refining and marketing industry, in order to secure:

  • Competitiveness, growth and transformation of our sector,
  • The high skilled and well paid jobs, direct and indirect,
  • Our major contribution to national economies and employment,
  • The survival of a long chain of retail suppliers, industrial and commercial customers, as well as SMEs,
  • The prosperity of the communities and regions around our activities".

Click here to view the relevant presentation.