1.       In General

1.1 This Website www.helpe.gr (hereinafter the “Website”) belongs to the Company HELLENiQ ENERGY Holdings S.A., having its registered address in Athens, 8Α Chimarras str, 15125, Maroussi, Company Number: 000296601000, TIN: 094049864 (hereinafter the “Company”, “We”) and contains information about the Company and its Affiliate Companies (hereinafter the “Group”). These Terms of Use (hereinafter the “Terms of Use”, the “Terms”) are addressed to the general public, the shareholders and investors as well as any party interested in browsing the websites (the “Users”, “you”) that are owned and/or are managed by the Company; these include www.helpe.gr, www.helleniqenergy.gr as well as microsites that use the second level domain “helpe” (the “Websites”). The Websites are in their entirety governed by these Terms and are supplemented by any specific terms that are made available in a visible and easily accessible section of the relevant Websites. Where the use, services and overall operation of the Websites are subject to any specific terms, these terms shall prevail and be supplemented by the Terms herein. Where these Terms are contradictory to the specific terms applicable to the above Websites, the specific terms shall prevail. Wherever "Website" is referred to herein, it shall be understood to include any of the aforementioned Websites, where appropriate and consistent with the present content.

1.2 Your visit, use and browsing of the Website is subject to these Terms (and any additional that might be displayed from time-to-time on the Website) and require your unconditional acceptance thereof. By performing any action on the Website, you confirm that you have read the Terms of Use and you unconditionally accept them. These Terms form a single text with the Personal Data Protection Notice and the Cookie Policy of the Company and should be read as one. By using this Website, you state that you have read the policies mentioned above and that you are informed of their content. In case you disagree with all or part of them, you should not perform any action, including browsing the Website.  

1.3 For any information or clarification about these Terms, you can contact us by visiting the “Contact” tab on the menu bar. Any information or clarification provided to you by the Company regarding the Terms of Use does not replace, substitute or modify them and does not constitute an official response of the Company’s Management; it is only provided as a facilitation to the User. The present Terms constitute the sole and exclusive agreement between the Company and the Users regarding the use of the Website.

2.       Website Content

2.1 On this Website you may find information about the Company and other Group companies, their activity, engagements, and initiatives, as well as other data concerning the operation of the Company and the Group, in the form of posts, notices, articles, announcements, documents, forms, questionnaires, statistical data, photos, videos, audiovisual and other material (“Content”). Where this Content is provided through the Website, we aim at providing complete and reliable information about our Company and Group’s vision, the Management and our products and services. By browsing the Website Content, you can learn, among other information, about our corporate responsibility actions, our initiatives in relation to the energy transition and obtain useful information, such as fiscal data that refer to the Company and the Group. Via the Website Content, we aim at presenting the strategy, development, and mission of the Company to the public, its shareholders and investors, and any interested party.

2.2 In addition, the Company uses this Website, inter alia, as a tool for the fulfillment of certain legal obligations, it bears as a Public Limited Company listed on the Athens Stock Exchange (“Notifications by Law”), where appropriate and applicable. Notifications by Law include but are not limited to regular, extraordinary, or other information that the Company is under an obligation to provide as an issuer of shares and other securities listed on the Athens Stock Exchange and aim at fulfilling legal obligations such as the provision of periodical updates towards investors, the public display of policies, regulations, statements, and resolutions of Company bodies, as required by law, as well as obligations arising from its Articles of Association regarding the posting of notifications on the Website. All Notifications by Law performed through the Website take place according to the provisions of the Greek legislation (as regards, for instance, the exhaustiveness of their content, their timely posting and availability, their retention on the Website for the legally mandated periods of time), the decisions of the competent Authorities and Bodies and the Articles of Association of the Company; it is clarified that the Notifications by Law exclusively concern the Company itself (and not any other affiliated companies or Group legal entities, the Group as a whole and/or third legal entities).

2.3 The Company's Website also displays Content of other affiliated companies of the Group or third parties, natural or legal persons ("Third-Party”, “Third Parties”, “Third Party Content"). Information concerning such Third-Party Content comes from the respective websites of the Third Parties; these Third Parties have full control over the content posted on their websites and therefore bear full responsibility (civil and criminal) regarding their lawfulness, security and validity; under no circumstances should such information be considered as binding towards the Company, which is not obliged to and does not regularly verify the availability, completeness, accuracy or validity of the Third-Party Content and its timely display and presentation, and expressly disclaims any liability for such Third-Party Content.

2.4 We invite you to consult this Website regularly to be informed about the activities of our Company, follow its progress, review our regularly posted Content and to be notified timely and accurately of the above Notifications by Law and generally receive updates on matters of our Company.

3.       Hyperlinks

3.1 The Website might contain hyperlinks or advertising banners (hereinafter also “links”) to other websites of the Company, the Group companies, and/or websites of third natural or legal persons. The links are mostly provided to facilitate the User’s access to the respective websites. Browsing on these websites is performed at the sole responsibility of the User and is subject to the terms that govern the navigation and use of these websites (posted therein or otherwise notified to their users). Should the Users have any questions or other inquiries regarding the use of these websites, they shall directly address them to the providers of each website. The Company shall under no circumstances be considered to endorse or accept the content or services thereof or to have any connection to such websites that may be linked to the Website. Please note that without prejudice to websites owned and/or managed by the Company (see also above “Websites”), the Company cannot and does not guarantee the lawfulness of the content, the availability of information, the privacy and data protection practices, the terms of use nor compliance with any other legal obligations that may be borne by other websites and legal entities, and EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ANY LIABILITY for any content included therein, the quality thereof and of the services of Third Parties, as well as any connection of the Company itself to these websites.  

3.2 The Website allows you to interact with social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), with which the Company holds accounts, profiles, company pages etc. Your interaction with the social media is governed by the terms and policies they have implemented, as well as any policies that the Company has adopted, as available from time to time in the Section “PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION”. We advise you to read all of the terms and policies mentioned above before performing any action in them. The Company does not assume any liability for the acts or omissions of the social media providers or for the use on the part of the Users of information and data contained in their platforms. For any issue that may arise due to or in connection with the use of social media, the User must contact the respective social media provider directly and not the Company.

4.       Intellectual Property

4.1 The logos, trademarks (industrial property assets), registered or not, distinctive titles of the Company, other material that identifies the Company and/or indicates an origin from the Company, its services and of any of the Websites, the branding material, the names of the services, initiatives and campaigns, slogans, texts, graphics, designs, icons, images, audio elements, videos, software as well as the domain names (https://www.helpe.gr/en/, https://www.helleniqenergy.gr/en) and the “look and feel”, of any of the Websites, i.e. its presentation, the collection of icons and photographs, their compilation and the overall layout of the Company image presented in the Website and connected to it (the “Material”), are the intellectual property of the Company, protected by the relevant provisions of national, European and international law. It is forbidden to in any manner use, copy, distribute, reproduce or alter it and in any way transmit, reverse compile, publicly announce/communicate, translate or make use of the Material, in whole or in part, without the prior written license of the Company. By way of exception, it is permitted to use the Material of the Website exclusively for personal use. It is expressly prohibited to use the Material for any commercial use or purpose.

4.2 The appearance of the Company's trademarks on the Website must not in any way be interpreted as the granting of a use license to the Users, nor does it imply a connection between the Company or the Website and the Users. The Website may from time-to-time host logos, trademarks, registered or unregistered distinctive signs or marks, product names, and trade names of the Group companies or of other companies for the uploading and creation of Content, that constitute the intellectual property of their respective owners. Any mentions to products, services, processes or other information, through logos, trade names, suppliers, manufacturers or other traits of their rightsholders, does not constitute nor imply an appropriation of these rights, suggestion regarding their use or sponsorship by the Company. The User does not obtain any license or consent to use, in any manner, the trademarks that appear on the Website, which belong to the respective Website or third natural or legal persons. Respectively, all trade names appearing on the Website are subject to legal protection.

4.3 Each Website is provided “as is” without additional warranties regarding its technical specifications and properties and/or its suitability for the purpose for which it is intended to be used by the Users, except as expressly stated herein.

4.4 By these Terms you are provided with a limited and non-transferable license to access and personally use the Website that you are visiting, but not a license to download its content and code in whole or in part, except if you have our express written permission. The license you are provided with does not permit the resale or commercial use of this Website or its Content. You have the right to use the above exclusively for your own personal use.

4.5 You may not link to our Website (linking) or use framing techniques to frame any of our intellectual property without our written consent. You may not use any meta-tags or any other "hidden text" based on our Company's and the Website's names or trademarks without our express written consent. In the event of unauthorized use, the permission granted shall cease to be valid.

4.6 Any action that directly contradicts the above restrictions on the use of the Company's intellectual property will be considered a violation of the Company's rights, which will be entitled to exercise all its legal rights, including through legal proceedings, or to seek any other legal means to enforce its rights and/or claim compensation for any damage, in order to mitigate any relevant infringement and further unlawful use of its intellectual property.

5.       Limitation of Liability

5.1 Without prejudice to the Notifications by Law, as described above, this Website is provided for information/convenience purposes only. Any Content should not be considered as binding for the Company, unless otherwise provided for in the respective section of the Website, the Content itself, the law and/or the Articles of Association of the Company. The Users understand that the Content does not create any legal or other obligation for the Company or any third party to proceed to any action or omission. The Company shall not be responsible in case any Content on the Website is delayed, omitted or inaccurate or in case any Content posted on the Website is revoked following the decision of the Company, without prejudice to its compliance with its legal obligations to provide information and publish the Notifications by Law, as described above.

5.2 In addition, the Website may from time-to-time host statements by the Company regarding its future business and financial performance, as well as future events or circumstances that may affect the Company. These statements are based on estimations and current expectations of the Company, following consideration of its current status, while they may not eventually be confirmed. The Company is not bound by such statements and bears no responsibility regarding any divergence between its statements for the future and their actual development, and is under no obligation to fulfill them, update them and/or “unpost” them, unless this is expressly provided for by law. Under no circumstances should the Users consider such statements either as an invitation by the Company for investment, cooperation, purchase, sale or any other action on the part of the Users, or as a suggestion towards the Users to submit a proposal to the Company for investment, cooperation, purchase, sale or any other action on their part. The Company disclaims any liability for any actions or omissions of the Users based on these statements.

5.3 Information concerning the Third-Party is exported from the respective third-party websites and/or by the Third Party itself and shall in no way be considered binding for the Company; the Company is under no obligation to and does not regularly check the availability, completeness, accuracy, legitimacy of the Third-Party Content, timely display and presentation; the Company expressly disclaims any liability in that regard and  does not provide any warranty and/or representation regarding Third-Party Content and does not nor is obliged to verify it. Any responsibility as regards the Third-Party Content is borne exclusively by the involved legal entity and/or natural person that published it or provided it to the Company.

5.4 Overall and in a nutshell, this Website is intended for the provision of information and the facilitation of Users; it serves the purpose of providing timely and accurate guidelines and a comprehensive overview of the Company. No Content posted on the Website should be construed as a suggestion or proposal made by the Company for investment, cooperation, purchase, sale or other act or omission on the part of the Users, or as invitation to the Users to submit a proposal to the Company for investment, cooperation, purchase, sale or otherwise act or omit. The Company does in no way encourage Users to enter into any contract with any legal entity or natural person, to purchase any shares, bonds, other investment products or participate in any manner in the Company. No section of the Website or its Content shall be construed as a representation or warranty on the part of the Company regarding its expected profitability or other success or acceptance of the User for any endeavor they might undertake based on the Content of the Website. It is the User’s exclusive responsibility to seek the advice of specialized professionals for further clarifications when they intend to make decisions with legal effects. The Company DISCLAIMS ANY LIABILITY AND WARRANTY REGARDING ANY ACTIONS OF THE USERS, that have acted in the manner above described.

5.5 The Company always acts in good faith, in the context of these Terms and the provisions of the law. Therefore, it has undertaken and shall ceaselessly continue to undertake all necessary technical or other measures and shall make every effort to ensure that (a) the Website operates properly and with no interruptions, problems, delays, errors or defects, (b) data/information provided and transferred through any of the Website are not tampered with, (c) the technology used or the servers through which the Website is made available to the Users does not contain any viruses or other harmful components or software, (d) the Content is complete and up-to-date; however IT DOES NOT PROVIDE ANY RESPECTIVE WARRANTIES for all the above and shall not be liable for compensation, in case the User suffers any damage for the aforementioned reasons.

5.6 The Content of the Website is updated regularly with the aim of providing reputable, accurate, true and up-to-date Content. However, in certain circumstances, for technical or other relevant reasons, errors regarding its operation and/or Content might occur, including typos or omissions, incomplete information or other oversights. Given that the internet is a place of multiple sources of information and is constantly exposed to numerous malicious actions of third parties, we encourage Users, before proceeding with making any decisions, insofar as they derive from the Content of the Website, to make sure that they have in front of them the most updated and valid material (e.g. the most recent information, the latest version of a form, the latest announcement of the Company, etc.). We invite Users to verify and cross-check with other sources any Content that is not exclusively controlled and influenced by the Company and is not part of the Notifications by Law of the Company (for example, Third-Party Content, changes to hyperlinks leading to other websites, modifications/updates to announcements involving the submission of documentation, proposals and other documents or forms to the Company).

5.7 The Company makes every effort to ensure the proper maintenance and availability of the Websites. The availability of the Website may, however, be affected by the User’s equipment, the state of the communication networks, the number of people trying to use the Website at the same time or other reasons, therefore it might not function properly (or at all) or might need to undergo maintenance with no prior warning. The Company has the right to decide to suspend or discontinue access to the Website, in whole or in part, with and/or without providing warning to the Users, if circumstances beyond its control arise that make it necessary to suspend or discontinue access, such as, but not limited to, an event of malfunctioning of information systems or telecommunications networks, technical problems or for routine or emergency maintenance or in other cases of major emergencies. The Company is not responsible for the improper or defective operation of the Website if this is due to circumstances beyond its control or force majeure (including, but not limited to, any technical or other problems with the telecommunications network). To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, you understand and agree that neither the Company nor any third content providers shall be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, special, material damage or loss of revenue or any other damage relating to or arising from the use or inability to use the Website. These include damage in case of errors, omissions, faults, interruptions, defects, delays, computer viruses, loss of revenue, loss of data, unauthorized access and modification of your data and files, as well as any other tangible or intangible loss or damage. 

5.8 The Company, the administrators of the Websites, the management, employees, partners, assistants, and representatives, shall under no circumstances be held liable towards the Users or any third party entitled thereto for any direct, indirect, accidental, special/extraordinary, criminal, civil, administrative, material damage or loss of income, negligence, contractual or consequential damage, which is due to (but is not limited to):

  • The use of the Content and/or services of the Website by the persons mentioned above
  • The inability of the above persons to access the Content and/or services of the Website
  • The unauthorized access or use of the servers of the Company and/or any business information stored therein
  • The interruption or cessation of transmission of the Website Content in whole and/or in part for any reason and cause
  • The existence of errors, viruses, and other similar threats to the security of information systems, which might be transmitted through the Website by third parties
  • Any errors or omissions to any Content or service made available through the Website
  • The accuracy, completeness, or quality of information expressed by third parties that might be displayed through the Website and or to which the User is redirected through the Website
  • Any statement or conduct of a third party in relation to the Website
  • Use or inability to use any part of the Website
  • To errors, omissions, technical obstructions, malfunctions, or glitches in the telecommunications networks, the internet, the Website, or the Internet Service Providers

5.9 The Company is only liable for intent or gross negligence, in case of damage incurred to the Users from information and services of any of the Websites and their use in general. All limitations of liability set forth herein shall be deemed valid in their entirety and in accordance with good faith and accepted principles of morality, and the Users concur to these exceptions and limitations.

5.10 The limitation of liability applies whether liability arises from warranty statements of the Company, from contract, tort, or is based on any other legal basis.

6.       User Obligations for the Proper Use of the Websites

6.1 The Users must use the Website according to the Terms of Use, the applicable laws and regulations and according to god faith and accepted principles of morality.

6.2 By browsing this Website, Users accept that it is not allowed to:

  • use the Website in any manner that could hurt or cause any damage to the Company, other Users or third parties or in any way undermine the security of internet connection and/or the User's browsing experience in whole
  • Act, when using the Website, in any way that is considered a violation of any legal provisions (criminal, civil, administrative, national or international) relating to the rights of the Users online or other people in general
  • Any form of software piracy, hacking and/or interception, copy, analogue/digital recording and mechanical reproduction, distribution, transfer, download, modification, resale, creation of derivative data work (including personal data) and information, including the Content and Material (photos, graphics, texts, etc.) of the Website
  • Downloading of the Website, sending and forwarding information or software through it, that might include viruses or other harmful components and functions that might cause the Website to malfunction or cause increased traffic, and might render the access of other Users difficult
  • Use the Website in any way, which despite of any intent (knowingly or negligently fraudulent) could affect its smooth operation and lead to malfunction
  • Facilitate by any manner and means third-party access to the Website and any kind of data (including personal data) and information for illegal purposes and unauthorized use
  • Transmit viruses, documents, and information through the Website that ate illegal harmful, offensive, threatening, defamatory or dangerous for the security of the Website and the reputation of the Company and its affiliated companies or other Users
  • Any act that renders the Website available to third parties for any use other than what is expressly permitted and referred to herein
  • Interlinking the Website with any product or service of the Users without the prior and written consent of the Company
  • Any act or omission that might affect other Users’ ability to use the Website or bypass other Users’ rights such as intellectual property rights, rights on personal data etc.
  • Unauthorized modification of the content
  • Any act or omission in general that can lead to the destruction and/or modification of data included on the Website, render other Users in an uncomfortable or unfavorable manner, as well as to any action that might infringe third party rights, intellectual property rights or any other illegal act or omission

6.3 The Users expressly state and warrant that: (a) they will indemnify the Company, the management, managers, executives, administrators of the Website, employees, representatives, partners, agents, assistants, suppliers, contractors, and any third party deriving rights therefrom, for any damage, loss, expense they might incur, due to a violation on the part of the Users (or authorized third parties) of these provisions and especially the prohibitions included herein or a violation on their part of the applicable legislation and/or rights of the persons above mentioned and/or third parties, during the use of the Website, and (b) will not turn against the Company and the persons mentioned above, to exercise any claim and/or expense (including legal fees) that might arise from the use of the Website.

7.       Final Provisions

7.1 Modification of these Terms: The Company has the right to modify, renew, delete, limit unilaterally these Terms in whole or in part, as well as any Policies at its absolute discretion and without prior notice or approval of the Users. It is the User’s responsibility to regularly check these Terms for any changes. By continuing to browse this Website following any modifications, you expressly accept these changes.

7.2 Personal Data: You bear full and exclusive responsibility with regards to the accuracy and the truth of the data (personal or other) that you provide when you communicate through the contact form or other sections of any of the Websites. To be informed of the type of data we keep for you, how we process it and for what purposes, their recipients, your rights thereon, as well as read more information relating to their protection and security, please visit our Personal Data Protection Policy and our Cookie Policy.

7.3 No waiver: Any delay, neglect or tolerance on the part of the Company to enforce any of these Terms on the User shall not constitute a waiver from the exercise of any of its rights provided for herein.

7.4 Severability: Should any of the Terms contained herein be considered invalid and therefore unenforceable from any Court or Authority, such Term shall not render the remaining Terms invalid, which will remain in full force and effect. In case that part of these Terms is declared invalid and/or void by a court decision, such invalidity or voidness shall not affect the validity of the remaining part of these Terms, which shall remain in force as if these Terms were executed after deletion of the invalid or void part. The Company shall make an effort to replace any invalid term with a new one, the meaning, and effect of which shall be the nearest equivalent to the invalid or void term.

7.5 Applicable Law and Jurisdiction: Any dispute between the parties regarding the application, interpretation, invalidity of these Terms, the existence or non-existence of rights and obligations of the parties arising either from these Terms or from tort, shall be interpreted according to the Greek laws and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Athens.