HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group is active in the marketing and distribution of petroleum products, in Greece through its subsidiary ­EKO ABEE as well as internationally through its subsidiaries in Cyprus, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro and Republic of North Macedonia.

The Group takes advantage of the significant synergies among its networks in Greece and SE Europe in the areas of marketing and commercial policy, through sharing best practices and successful products.

Domestic Marketing

The Group has a key market position in domestic fuel retail through its subsidiary "HELLENIC FUELS AND LUBRICANTS SINGLE MEMBER INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL S.A.", under EKO and BP brand logos.

In Greece, EKO ABEE’s network of fuel stations amounts to over 1,700 out of a total of 5,500 petrol stations in the country. The company owns 15 bulk storage and supply terminals, 23 aircraft refueling stations in the country’s main airports, 2 LPG bottling plants in Northern and Southern Greece, and one lubricants blending and packaging unit. This extensive logistics infrastructure has been acquired by gradually taking over and merging a series of companies that have been active in the retail market over the last years.

The acquisition of BP's land fuel operations in Greece in 2009 boosted the Group’s position in the domestic retail market, increased its market share, and created profitable synergies between the two retail companies and the refining sector. The Group has an agreement with BP plc. to extend the exclusive use of the BP trademarks for ground fuels in Greece until the end of 2020, with the possibility of a further renewal until the end of 2025.

The successful implementation of the Group’s strategy for extroversion, innovation, and operational optimisation increased the value offered in all fuels marketing activities. The Group maintained its leading position in the market, increasing its share in key products while growing profitability by supplying competitive and quality fuels and lubricants. On this note, the Group has successfully completed the launch of two innovative differentiated products, the new ΕΚΟ Diesel Avio and ΒΡ Ultimate Diesel.

In 2019, domestic marketing activities focused on the development of COMO petrol stations, which currently exceed 240 stations. The market share for auto fuels increased further exceeding 32%.

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International Marketing

The Group international business operates through its subsidiaries in Cyprus, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, and the Republic of North Macedonia, with a total network of c.300 petrol stations.

In Cyprus and Montenegro, the local subsidiaries hold leading positions in their markets.

In Bulgaria and Serbia, the Group’s subsidiaries recorded rapid growth after 2005 and are currently among the top five companies in their sector, operating 91 and 55 fuel stations respectively. Moreover, EKO Bulgaria has substantially improved its position in the wholesale trading by utilizing export opportunities in the refining sector. In addition, the upgrading of the petrol station network’s corporate image is underway in both countries.

In the Republic of North Macedonia, the network of 27 petrol stations bears the brand name of the OKTA Group subsidiary.

In Cyprus, the Group operates a network of 94 fuel stations under the EKO brand, boasting a significant market share and presence in the wholesale, aviation, and shipping sectors.  Following the implementation of the Government Plan which stipulates that industrial facilities move away from Larnaca, a new fuels terminal in Vassilikos is currently under construction, with expected completion and operation during 1H20. Furthermore, in 2019 the acquisition of the LPG marketing and distribution company “Blue Circle Engineering Ltd” was concluded, in line with the Group's strategy of strengthening its presence in Cyprus.

In Montenegro, the Group’s subsidiary, JUGOPETROL AD owns and operates 42 EKO-branded fuel stations, holding a significant market share. It is also the main wholesale supplier of petroleum products in Montenegro. It operates the only petroleum products storage facility in the country, which is also used to supply third parties as well as the country’s two airports. At this stage, an extensive petrol station upgrade program is underway in Montenegro, comprising the implementation of new environmental terms, as well as the network’s new corporate image, which is expected to be completed during 2020