Vision, Mission, Principles & Attributes of HELLENIC PETROLEUM


Our vision

To be an innovative, extroverted and competitive regional Group that will pioneer in the energy transformation that is taking place in the international environment in the context of Sustainable Development.



Our mission

To be independent and extroverted, as well as one of the most competitive regional energy Groups, combining the business capacity for high performance with the early and effective adaptation of the ongoing EU energy transformation, in the context of sustainable economic and social development, focusing on people and protecting the environment.



Our Principles

  • Safety is always our First Priority
  • Offering Value to our Customers
  • Operating Responsibly towards Society and the Environment
  • Respecting our Colleagues and Partners, promoting Meritocracy, Teamwork, Innovation, Continuous Improvement and Results Oriented Thinking
  • Investing in Sustainable Development
  • Continuously enhancing our Competitiveness
  • Applying high standards of Corporate Governance
  • Creating Value for our Shareholders and focusing on the Continuous Improvement of our Results and Cash Flows



Our Attributes

Integrity, Professionalism, Commitment, Right Judgment, Initiative, Extroversion.