ΗELPE is the only petrochemicals producer in Greece, with a market share exceeding 50%.

Petrochemical activities mainly focus on the propylene-polypropylene-BOPP value chain.

The Aspropyrgos refinery produces propylene, which meets a significant part of the raw material demand of the Thessaloniki refinery. The Group’s petrochemical plant at the refi nery of Thessaloniki also produces solvents and minerals, with its output being directed to Mediterranean markets.

Based on its financial contribution, the propylene-polypropylene-BOPP value chain represents the main activity for petrochemicals. Export activity is particularly important, as 65% of sales volumes are directed to Turkey, Italy, the Balkans and the Iberian where they are used as a raw material in a range of manufacturing applications.

The 100% HELPE owned subsidiary, DIAXON PLASTIC PACKAGING MATERIALS SA, is the only producer in Greece ofBOPP film, which is mainly used in the packaging industry. BOPP film sales are directed both to the Greek and the Mediterranean markets.


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